MoonPaw VIP Pass Program

Each MoonPaw Card is an Ethereum NFT that offers benefits including free NFTs from MoonPaw’s future NFT collection, merchandise, early access to comics and even a share of our NFT collection sales! You can learn more about the NFT drop in our FAQ below.

How do I get one?

Go to and connect your wallet via MetaMask. Select the passes you would like to mint and pay the pass cost plus gas (pleases note we only accept Ethereum at this time). Once complete, the VIP Pass will be yours!

What are the perks?

There are two MoonPaw VIP Passes: the Classic Card and for a more premium offering, the Black Card. Prices below exclude gas fees.

VIP Classic Card (0.02 ETH):
- The ability to claim a free NFT from our upcoming MoonPaw NFT Collection
- Early access to Comics and other MoonPaw content. The long anticipated Adventures of MoonPaw Episode 2 will be made first available to VIP Card holders!

VIP Black Card (0.1 ETH)
Offers all the benefits of the VIP Classic Card, plus:
- Free MoonPaw Merchandise
- A Rare NFT Airdrop from the upcoming MoonPaw NFT Collection
- A share of 15% of all future MoonPaw NFT Collection Sales. That’s right, this includes ALL of our future MoonPaw NFT collections, not just this one!

How long do the benefits last?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because these benefits last exactly that, a lifetime! We will never do anything like this again so don’t wait! VIPs will be treated as such for as long as they hold the card for all our future milestones to come.

How much do I pay for a MoonPaw VIP Card?

The VIP Classic Card mints at 0.02 ETH and the Black Card Mints for 0.1 ETH. Note that these prices are in Ethereum, and are exclusive of gas fees.

The Classic Card is priced cheaper than our upcoming NFTs from the MoonPaw NFT Collection so if you want one, grab a Classic Card as you’ll be able to mint that NFT for free + receive ongoing benefits!

The Black Card is our premium offering which entitles you Classic Card benefits + free merch, rare NFTs from the upcoming MoonPaw NFT Collection and best of all, a share of 15% of all of our MoonPaw NFT Collection sales!

How many MoonPaw VIP Passes are available?

Only 150 VIP Black Cards and 850 Classic Cards can ever be minted, for a total of 1000.

How will I get access to Merch and other Black Card Benefits?

In the coming weeks we will announce a registration form for Black Card holders. This will allow you to specify details including shipping address, and merch sizes etc.

Do I need MoonPaw tokens to mint?

Nope! MoonPaw VIP Passes can be purchased by anyone. There is no requirement to hold the MoonPaw Token.

Does buying multiple passes give me more rewards?

Absolutely! The rewards are separate to each card so if you owned two VIP Black Cards you would get 2x the rewards!

Why is MoonPaw releasing Passes?

The MoonPaw Passes are a way to fund our Development and Marketing Efforts into the future, whilst rewarding our loyal MoonPaw community.

Why Ethereum?

There are two main reasons for this decision. Firstly, our business model is to mint NFTs for our clients and for the most part they prefer Ethereum as it is widely accepted and the market leader for NFTs. We have chosen to align with our clients to make sure our upcoming platform that incorporates their NFTs accommodates everyone. Secondly, we want to open our project up to new investors in the NFT Community which is primarly Ethereum based!



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