MoonPaw was designed to bridge the gap between content, community and crypto!

Immerse yourself in our unique, digital universe (The Mooniverse) powered by the MoonPaw token. Holders get the opportunity to receive early access to comics, games, merch, NFTs, giveaways and can vote on our monthly donations for wildlife conservation and animal welfare efforts.

Whilst you’re waiting, get acquainted with our adorable little ambassador, MoonPaw the corgi and learn about his exciting mission to be the first paw on the moon!

Token Information:

Max Supply: 1 Billion

Burned: 500 million

Transaction Fee: 6% (2% distributed to holders 2% burned 2% donated to wildlife conservation and animal welfare efforts)

BSC Contract address: 0x139b2c2c6dd8ee165d41788877df5b2ef74b1ff1

Visit for instructions on how to buy!

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Stay tuned for more updates on MoonPaw’s mission!




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